Here is Benjamin, a G J Lines rocking horse. He has at some point been repainted, so his paintwork isn't original. NOW REHOMED.

His limbs are firm to his body minus very slight movement in his front legs when pressure is applied. He does have some sideways movement caused by his bearings under his brackets having been removed and the wood worn underneath,

so is sold as is and perhaps later could do with a nice restoration but would be perfectly happy as he is as well. He is at the moment in Lancashire for viewing. Call 01200 443388 ot 07427 417201 for further information.

His asking price is £1495. He comes with his light coloured mane & tail, but would also suit a darker mane - see following pictures.

benjamin with darker mane 024benjamin with darker mane 029

benjamin with darker mane 025benjamin with darker mane 027