Trigger is a rare F H Ayres Spring Stand extra carved rocking horse. ON HOLD PENDING SALE

F H Ayres is the most prestigious of all rocking horse makers, and in 1895 patented this design of rocking horse stand, which consistsof metal springs instead of the more normal wooden pillars.  This provides a more interesting ride than a standard swing stand.  

Trigger has been carefully restored and has glass eyes, a real horsehair mane and tail and handmade best quality leather tack.  He is extra carved and his head turns to the right.  The finish on the horse, leather, stand and decorative nails have been `antiqued' apart from his stirrups which are original and came with him.  The stand has been totally refurbished, french polished and waxed.  The cross members on the base of the stand are replacements but were done some time ago and are in keeping so have been retained.  There is a little woodworm damage to the base which has been treated as a precaution.

Dimensions as follows:   Height from the floor to the top of his ears 42"     Length of stand  54"

Price: £4,500

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