Finesse 45" F H Ayres D type rocking horse in original condition circa 1930 retailed by Harrods.


Finesse is just beautiful.  Not only does he have a tongue but the roof of his mouth is also carved, and he has individual teeth.  He has withers, a spine and tail bone, beautiful muscle and tendon definition and his head turns to the right and tilts.  Moreover he still retains his original tack including his original hand made saddle with tree and bridle with double wilson snaffle. 

This exquisite horse retains his original paint which has had the lightest of retouches, it has then been sealed and shellaced, the only repair has been to replace one very small ear tip.  Finesse still retains the cracks, bumps and scars of his life as a much loved toy.  His mane and tail have been replaced with new blonde real horsehair, and his tack has been carefully repaired with the new leather antiqued so that it matches the original leather.  The tack is fully removable and comes with a new sheepskin numnah.  

The stand has been retouched on the knocks around the edges, then cleaned and waxed and the metal work burnished. 

All the fittings are original and are nickel plated, and the stand retains the all important stencil `Harrods, Knightsbridge' together with the number 5 which relates to the individual size of the horse.

His dimensions are:     Height of horse 45"     length of stand 49"

Price:  £5,500

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