Here is a unique opportunty to obtain one of the Legends Stable rocking horse.

These renowned rocking horse makers carved their horses to a very high standard and this one was a bespoke steel grey colour and comes with his own oak stand and is 44in high and the length of stand is 55in.

His saddle and tack etc is a high quality leather and the horse is extra carved. He has a rich red coloured saddle cloth (the photo is a bit dark).

There are some very fine hairlines on this horse as it is older and its a natural thing with a solid wood rocking horse. They are barely visible and do not show lin the photos.

He is very solid, heavy and ready to be ridden and enjoyed. Child friendly and safe.

The new price on these is in excess of £3000 so a vast saving is to be enjoyed at a price of £1850.

The horse is situated in Lancashire at the moment and if interested please call 01200 44 33 88 or 07427417201 or email